If getting FASTER, STRONGER, more EFFICIENT when you WOD is on your list of goals for 2019…maybe you should reconsider your strategy for getting there….

Wanna be a better CROSSFITTER!?

…do something OTHER than CrossFit!

Do ALL the things!

How can you properly PREPARE yourself for the ‘UNKNOWN’ & ‘UNKNOWABLE’ if you are content to remain a ‘one-trick pony’?

..And, YES, I realize the ridiculousness of calling CrossFitters ‘one-trick ponies’ since CrossFit emcompasses the entire rhelm of FUNCTIONAL FITNESS! …but, hopefully, you’ll understand my point in a moment.

Not that there’s anything wrong with hitting up 330 6-days per week…

Not at all…

In fact, there are ways to shake things up IN-HOUSE alone…

  • Check out an Evolved class…guys, these are so high-energy & fun!

  • Come to a different class time…different peeps = different energy!

  • Check out Restore…(shameless plug, lol)

  • Commit to pre &/or post WOD mobility &/or extra credit!

  • Sign-up for an in-house clinic (gymnastics/rowing/etc…)

  • Get a partner and register for the THROWDOWN!

  • ASK A COACH for guidance on improving weaknesses, etc…

However, I challenge you in 2019 to BROADEN your horizons OUTSIDE of the GYM….do ALL the things!

  • Sign-up for a 5k!

  • Grab a friend and go to Roots Yoga for a hot, sweaty good time…or for a Restorative treat!

  • Join a friend who is struggling with staying on the ‘fitness track’ at their home gym…PF, YMCA, whatever/wherever…

  • Sign-up for an adult Rec League sport!

  • Take swimming lessons!

  • Coach or Asst. Coach your child’s sports team! Not into coaching? Volunteer to help out at practices…every little bit helps and your child’s coach will be appreciative!

It’s not just the PHYSICAL benefit of using muscle groups in new ways that PLAYING VARIOUS SPORTS and/or PERFORMING DIFFERENT MOVEMENTS brings to your fitness…

…it’s the PEOPLE…the RELATIONSHIPS that you build…

The NETWORKING and SUPPORT you find in a world of LIKE-MINDED humans…

You GROW your TEAM…and that team is beaming with different SKILL SETS and EXPERTISE that you may someday need specific help with…


Think you’re STRONG?? Need humbled?

…try a BARRE class at Roots or ReZist…umm, yeah…yikes!

You’ll see there’s lots of ways to be ‘strong’!

Personally, I have found that adding in a couple days/week at different local establishments & home (Yoga Strong Canton, ReZist Ohio, First Friends MS Volleyball, home WODs & restorative yoga practice) is making me STRONGER (physically & mentally)  and an overall better, more well-rounded ATHLETE.

↑WOW! That feels amazing to see on my screen…↑

(Self-realization truth BOMB!)

It’s also TRUE that this CHANGE from 5+ days/week WODding at 330 came about due to various OBSTACLES…injury & rehab schedule, the demands of raising teenage daughters, an overwhelming workload at school, mental health needs, the Canton-Wadsworth commute, a failing household…


& things are just as they should be.

I feel like making the WORLD’S BEST LEMONADE after being pelted by a monsoon of lemons for nearly 2 years…

Adding to my SKILLZ, learning NEW techniques, increasing my REACH & INFLUENCE,  growing my TRIBE…

All the feels.

So…seek out those opportunities!!

You’ll find your:




with my personal favorite: *UNIVERSAL SCALABILITY*

…a.k.a. CrossFit


(Isn’t CrossFit the BEST!?)

You’ll build your ‘I got you’ TEAM…

You’ll INSPIRE and EMPOWER others (many times without ever knowing it…).

You’ll share the community love that 330 has cultivated.

You’ll add VALUE to your life and all the lives you touch…

Go out and spread the love, y’all!


❤ Pammy

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Need to Call us?


We are located on Broad Street between Medina Line Rd and Silvercreek Rd, approximately 2.5 miles from interstate 76.

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