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I wrote a blog last year talking about lots of reasons as to why I think EVERYONE, regardless of skill or ability level, should participate in the Open. While we may have changed the format of how our gym will do the Open internally this year (see my video in the Tribe for details or ask a coach!), that does not change the fact that I still believe we can all find takeaways from the 5 weeks of grueling workouts that are sure to come.


The rest of this blog is (mostly) what I wrote last year. If you did the Open with us last year, hooray! Here is a reminder of why you should keep collecting that data this year and building on what you learned about yourself last year.


If this is going to be your very first experience with the Open, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Seriously, I have my happy face on (even if Sutton doesn’t think I have one). The community and camaraderie I see happen during these 5 weeks each year is what makes CrossFit one of the most unique forms of exercise for me. It’s fun, gratifying, terrifying, and a great event to share with your gym framily.


If you are still on the bubble of joining in with us, consider some of my reasons as to why I think you should 🙂



First let’s talk about the Open itself.

Now I know not everyone gets as amped about data as I do, but it is a great tool to measure your progress in CrossFit.

Things I like to look at are how many scaled versus prescribed workouts did I do from one year to the next or did I get any better at the dreaded thruster WOD this year compared to the last three years?

Did I do a workout with movements in it that I could not do last year?

The Open is great for highlighting weaknesses and letting you know what you should focus on when skill work is programmed.

On the flip side, it’s also great at giving you a pat on the back when you’ve made an improvement.

We all choose CrossFit as our means of exercise to keep ourselves healthy, and the Open can actually give insight into how well you’re achieving that.

Do we all like to see where we landed on the leaderboard from week to week compared to everyone else in the world?

Absolutely, and I am by no means exempt from that, but the more important thing to focus on is ourselves.

While the Open obviously does not measure biomarkers (i.e, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other measurable substances in your blood ) of health, it does give you some indication of your fitness level.

At the end of the Open in 2016 when I looked at my performance compared to 2015, I can’t say I was super thrilled.

Did I get dramatically worse? No, but what I noticed caused me to consider other aspects of my training and nutrition.

It was actually the very first thing, among other later observations, that had me starting to believe that I could not out train my lackluster diet.

We all see lots of new faces coming into the gym or commenting on posts in the tribe page, but we don’t get the chance to actually interact with those people necessarily.

Our community is truly one of the major things that separates us from other boxes.

I get anxious about stepping outside my friend bubble as much as the next person, but we have such a strong group of members at our gym that I am certain you will not be disappointed.

I started doing the Open four years ago, basically right after 330’s doors were open.

At that time it was just me and a few others participating. No one really understood what we were doing when we did our own random workouts separate from the class.

I was mostly on my own little island of suffering during those five weeks.

Fast forward to 2017, I had so many people cheering me on either in person or virtually, on my intramural team or on another team, it was insane.

While many of us are super competitive and want to win at all costs, there is something to be said about cheering on your “opponents” as well.

To register, you’ll need to create an account on The CrossFit Games website:




If you’ve participated in the past, you’ll just need to login to your account & register for this year.

The first Open announcement (when CrossFit HQ releases the workout, NOT when you have to complete it!) is Thursday night, February 21st.

I hope to see you all out on the gym floor for 19.1 in a few weeks!


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