Being that it’s the beginning of a new year, it’s common and almost “expected” to talk about new goals or “resolutions” that we put in place to help this year surpass the last.  While I’m not a HUGE advocate of the typical resolution trend, I’m always up for improving myself, and seeing others put things in action to do the same.

This year we added a board to the gym that we (hopefully ALL of us) wrote a word on.  This word wasn’t meant as a “resolution” per se, it was a simple way to help us improve.  Hopefully that word is one that can be applied to many facets of your life.

For instance, my word is “Listen”.  I want  to be more aware of my body, my gut feeling, my heart and what they’re telling me.  Maybe I would normally power through a painful feeling during a WOD or lift, and I’ve learned I better pay closer attention to the type of pain happening.  Is it just soreness or should I back off and modify so I still get a great workout, but don’t injure myself further?

I can use the word, “Listen”, in an effort to better my relationships.  I want to be more attentive and truly listen to what my family, friends and fellow athletes are saying.  Rather than be quick to respond and just “talk” or offer a quick fix, I want to make sure I’m being thoughtful in my response and truly helping in whatever way they need most.

I’m able to even take another direction with my word and use it to improve my faith and prayer-life.  I love my relationship with God, but do I really LISTEN to what He may be telling me is best in any given situation?  

So, as you can see, I’m a constant work in progress, like we all are, but I chose a word to help improve who I already am, and I pray you did the same.  

Now, what did we do with that word to help us all accomplish our goals?  We wrote them up on the board, that we see every day that we are in the gym, front and center, so everyone else sees them too.

 A constant reminder and a constant place of ACCOUNTABILITY. 

An opportunity to put ourselves out there, to show we want to improve, and that we may need a little help from our friends to do so.

We’re starting this year with many opportunities to be held (and to hold others) ACCOUNTABLE.

 If you’re part of the 100 Day Journey, you’re posting your daily food, water and workout choices.  You likely read through and see what others are up to as well.  Knowing you need to log and post is keeping you ACCOUNTABLE.  Seeing others say their nutrition goals or their plan to hit the gym x number of days/times a week, help you to encourage and keep them ACCOUNTABLE.

The transition period from “holiday life” to “new year’ life can be somewhat shocking to our systems.  We tend to dive right in and eager to see a quick change from a life of indulgence, to a more structured regimen.

 But, once that excitement or our results slow down, it may also lead us to re-evaluating if our new lifestyle choices are worth it.  

I want to encourage you, that when this happens, turn to the ACCOUNTABILITY that we’ve set in place for you.  

Remember, personal accountability requires us to be MINDFUL, ACCEPTING, HONEST and have COURAGE.  

And when helping to hold others accountable, remember that is an action of LOVE.  

That is telling others, “You’re capable of more!”.

As the year progresses, so do we.  But ACCOUNTABILITY is not only in what we do, but also what we do NOT do.  

So utilize the tools, groups, friendships and coaches at 330 to help remind you that, “You’re capable of more!”  

Keep your word, goals, food logs, gym goals in front of you as a daily reminder of your“Why”.  

Reach out for help when you need it!  

We can all keep each other ACCOUNTABLE…and then celebrate as we achieve each new milestone and result of our solid efforts.  

After all, it takes a village, and when one succeeds, we all succeed together… and 330 is truly the best “village” to help get you where you aspire to be!  

Happy New Year, friends!

Coach Lynnette

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CrossFit 330

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Need to Call us?


We are located on Broad Street between Medina Line Rd and Silvercreek Rd, approximately 2.5 miles from interstate 76.

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