Age: 41
CrossFit Experience: A little over 2 years since my first boot camp.
Favorite WOD/Exercise: Ruth of course will always be my favorite WOD because she has such a special place in my heart! My favorite exercise hmmm … deadlifts now! But thrusters and tire flips are right up there!
Least Favorite WOD/Exercise: BURPEES!!!!

What is a PR (Personal Record) that you are proud of?

Oh my deadlift for sure! 225# and probably could have gone a little more but I played it safe!

Tell us about yourself.

I’m from Barberton and a mom of 2 amazing young adults. Savannah, who is studying forensic chemistry at Ashland University, and Gavin, who is a dual student senior in high school and attends the University of Akron studying Mechanical/Electrical Engineering. I’m a Judicial Assistant for Judge Mary Margaret Rowlands in the Summit County Common Pleas Court.

Why did you start CrossFit?

My lifelong friend posted something about wanting to be a healthier you at the start of the year and I responded. I had never been the workout type or athlete. But I knew if I didn’t change my lifestyle soon I would either be dead or a burden on my children. I was about to be 40 in a year with a kid graduating high school and going off to college. It was time to find Kristi again!

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?

My Framily! I have made some great friends and the support … nothing like it. Our coaching staff is awesome. I have to modify a lot and they have patience with me. And when I’m not giving it my all they push me to reach my potential!

What motivates you to CrossFit?

Reaching my goals! I’m a better me then when I started 2 years ago but I’m still working on being a better me than yesterday! If that makes sense!

What goals would you like to achieve in the next year that CrossFit can help you with?

Toes 2 Bar and better mobility on my cleans and squat depth.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about starting CrossFit, but was nervous or scared?

It’s only human to be nervous or scared by the unknown but you can’t live your life that way. Just come to 330 and you will be welcomed like family! I was!!!