With the current pandemic surrounding our every breath, we may find it hard to see beyond the end of our cell phones.

Every waking moment seems to bring more doom and gloom.  More “what if’s”, more uncertainty, more anxiety and fear than any of us could ever come to fathom experiencing in this lifetime.

Sure we learned of days in history class of depression, wars and pandemics, but we never expected that it could become a reality we could face.

We all have our own thoughts, opinions, suggestions and fears.  Maybe you’re like me, and you still can’t quite wrap your head around it all.  You feel like you’ve lost control, but that suddenly you’re forced to be in control of so much.

What I do know is that the only thing I can truly control is my own reaction to it all.  And today, I want to encourage you all to do the same.

No doubt for many of us, the closing of 330’s doors during this pandemic was a huge blow.

 Not only do we need to start working from home, while home schooling our kids…we now also have to work out at home!

We don’t get that hour away to just grind, sweat and suffer with our friends.  In an environment where we don’t have to be mom or dad, hubby or wife, teacher or student, boss or coworker…we just get to be our own kind of super hero, pushing ourselves to the brink of exhaustion and leaving with a smile on our face for accomplishing more than we felt possible.

We don’t get that outlet, that place we call our second home.  That camaraderie and community that is like no other.  Or do we?

We’ve been so fortunate already in this first week of “quarantine”, to have our gym family unite via Zoom workouts, happy hours and meetings where we still get to be ‘face to face’.

Our Facebook Tribe page provides us with recorded workouts for you to do on your own time, as well as mobility and restore options, and extra at home WOD’s.

Countless encouraging words from our leaders, with ideas to keep us motivated while being out of the gym.

And a huge social media gathering with posts of accountability and inspiration to keep pushing towards our goals.

See, 330 isn’t just a building.

It isn’t just a place for us to go to meet our friends and encourage one another, or to reach our goals.

It’s a family.

And family doesn’t end when you walk out the door.  It extends.  It reaches to the highest mountains and across the deepest oceans .

It meets you where you are, in the brink of despair, anxiety, worry, or uncertainty…and lifts you to believe there is better, there is hope, there is faith.

It reminds you that we’ve been through tough times before, and we will get through tough times TOGETHER.

Family shows you that you are that Super Hero, you’ve worked so hard to be.

You have what you need to persevere during difficult times and to LEAD your tribe through challenges and come out on top!

I can’t pretend to understand all the different emotions everyone is going through.  I am not naïve to think that all we, as your Staff, have done already and plan to do, will be enough to keep everyone on track and being optimistic through this time of “isolation”. But I do want to encourage you to keep reaching out.

To keep ‘meeting up’ in our Zoom WOD’s and happy hours.

To keep checking inand cheering on your family, friends and accountability partners.

To keep posting the little things that make you smile throughout the day, and in the midst of the chaos at home.

To keep reminding yourself to BREATHE, to just KEEP MOVING.  To MODIFY when you need to, to PUSH yourself through the tough moments so you are PROUD of yourself when this “WOD” is over.

See, we’ve been training for this!

We may not know all that is to come, or the best approach to it all, but when we remember to SLOW DOWN, not let our heart rate creep up into our throat, and KEEP GOOD FORM…great things will happen.

We will come out on the top of the leader board!

We will reunite through the doors of 330 and share how we tackled something that we never knew was possible.

We will be our very own SUPER HEROES!

I’m inspired by you all, each and every day.  I look forward to the day those garage doors open and we can gather and laugh and suffer together again in the flesh.

Until then, let’s be thankful for the time we are given to slow down.  To embrace our families, focus on our faith, enjoy sitting down at the dinner table together, organizing, cleaning and catching up on things we scarcely make time for in our normal hustle and bustle.

Let’s tackle our toughest “WOD”yet…TOGETHER…because we are #notderailed and we will WOD ON!

~Coach Lynnette~

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CrossFit 330

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We are located on Broad Street between Medina Line Rd and Silvercreek Rd, approximately 2.5 miles from interstate 76.

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